Who We Are - About Us


Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District, better known as Jefferson Fire District, provides Fire and EMS services to 97 square miles.  We are located in Southern Marion County and Northern Linn County.  The Fire District is separated by Interstate 5 East and West and the Santiam River North and South.

Jefferson Fire District is diverse in the staffing of our organization.  We greatly depend on volunteers both in district and out of district, student interns, support group volunteers and career personnel to provide our services.   Jefferson Fire District provides services beyond fire and EMS.  We have a medical equipment loan program, life jacket loan station, chimney brush loan program, Open House, fire prevention programs, address signs and two pancake breakfasts a year.

The Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District was formed in 1956 and covers approximately 97 square miles that includes the communities of Jefferson, Talbot and rural area of Millersburg. Emergency services provided include fire suppression, emergency medical services, ambulance transportation, water rescue, hazardous materials response, fire prevention, fire safety education, and health education on injury and illness prevention. Ambulance service area is 105 square miles covering areas in Scio Fire District and City of Millersburg.

The Jefferson Fire District sponsors activities which include a Super Sitter Classes, AARP Safe Driving Classes, First Aid/CPR Instruction, and the Festival of Flowers/Mint Festival Breakfast. There are three fire stations within the district and are located in Jefferson, Millersburg, and Talbot which are primarily staffed with volunteers. The volunteers are people of good character who reside or work within the district boundaries and are willing to go through an extensive training program in order to serve as a member of the Jefferson Fire District. Community members interested in volunteering should contact the fire district office.


District personnel includes the Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Training/Maintenance Officer, EMS program Manager, Administrative Assistant, part time Office Assistant, Staff Assistant, paramedics and EMT’s, approximately 30 volunteers including firefighters, EMS personnel, and Support Team. There are a total of three fire engines that carry 1,000 gallons of water and can pump 1,250 gallons per minute, one 3,000 gallon water tenders and one 2,000 gallon multi-use tenders, Two type 6 brush units, one medium duty rescue unit (heavy rescue equipment), two ambulances, one rescue boat, one command unit, and two support units currently in service at the three stations.

Board of Directors


As a body, the board of directors has a great deal of responsibility. The board of directors sets the direction, mission, tone and strategic vision for an organization, all of which must be done in keeping with the board’s fiduciary duties of obedience, care, and loyalty.  The Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District Board of Directors meet monthly on the Third Tuesday of the month. The meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held at the Jefferson station which is located at 189 N. Main St. These meetings are open to the public with a time set aside for visitor input. Notices of these meetings are posted at the Jefferson, Millersburg, and Talbot stations.

Renee Gonzalez- #1
Exp. 6/30/2025

Becky McKibben – #2 Exp. 6/30/2023

David Jones – #3

Exp. 6/30/2023

Lisa Carter – #4 
Exp. 6/30/2025

William Linhart- #5

Exp. 6/30/2023

Appointed Budget Committee Members


The Budget Committee's principal responsibility is to develop a concurrent resolution on the budget to serve as the framework for the Jefferson Fire District's actions on spending, revenue, and debt-limit guidance.

 - Exp. 6/30/2024

Eileen Vetter – Exp. 6/30/2023

Roger Frank – Exp. 6/30/2023

Vince Cellerini- Exp. 6/30/2024

Ray Edwards – Exp. 6/30/2024


Who We Are - Our Staff


As a department, we are currently staffed with a part time Fire Chief, Full time Assistant Chief, Training Chief, EMS program manager, Administrative Assistant,


Kevin Hendricks Fire Chief


Scott Shepherd

Assistant Chief/Paramedic


Louis Gisler

Division Chief/EMT

download (14).png

Tammy Robbins Administrative Assistant/EMR


Stephanie McClung
EMS program Manager Engineer/Paramedic

Rebecca Mangrum.jpg

Rebecca Mangrum
Office Support Firefighter/EMT

Who We Are - Our Captains


Our Captains have a tremendous responsibility in not only directing our firefighters during emergency response, but to also assist with the administrative and personnel functions of the fire district. 


Scott Decker

Who We Are - Our Lieutenants


Our Lieutenants are the first line of management for our firefighters but also hold the responsibility of fireground management.


Anthony Carter

Lieutenant/EMR Jefferson Station

Antoni Halvardson Lieutenant/EMT Millersburg Station

Who We Are - Our Engineers and Firefighters


All of our Engineers and Firefighters are well trained and committed to excellence. Our Engineers are the drivers of our fire apparatus and manage the fire pump and water needs while our line firefighters manage the initial fire attack and fire ground operations including suppression and emergency medical services. 

Jefferson Fire.png

Bill Johnson
Acting Duty Officer


James Clark


Jefferson Fire.png

Chelsea Chavez
Acting duty officer


Michael Garman



Alyssa Holden

Jefferson Fire.png

Madison Montgomery

Jefferson Fire.png

Brandon Names


Jefferson Fire.png

Dalton Keifer

Jefferson Fire.png

Jake Harmon


Jefferson Fire.png

Kyla Gordon


Jefferson Fire.png

Jennifer Stanislaw


Who We Are - Our Medics


Our Medics respond to 911 calls for emergency medical assistance, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or bandaging a wound. Assess a patient's condition and determine a course of treatment. Provide first-aid treatment or life support care to sick or injured patients and transport patients safely in an ambulance.


Aileen Bono

Makenzie Hofmann

Shannon Larsen

Paul McCallum

James Nisbet

Morgan Whaley

Timothy Verdun


William Comerford

Matthew McSorley

Erick Peterson

Megan Sonne

Riley Zimmerman

Who We Are - Our Support Team

Our Support Team provide an invaluable resource to our firefighters and community. They assist with providing much needed resources to our crews on incidents and support all of the other fire department functions that are community facing.

Kathy Gisler

Judy Cellerini

Becky Decker

Bernice Garman

Dewey Robbins


Who We Are - Our Stations


Business Office

189 N. Main St
Jefferson, OR 97352


Millersburg Station
4310 Woods Rd NE
Albany, OR 97321


Main Station
189 N. Main St
Jefferson, OR 97352


Talbot Station
3196 Talbot Rd S
Jefferson, OR 97352


Who We Are - Our Apparatus



Engine 60

2003 Pierce Saber
1250 GPM Pump with 1000 gallons of water, 25 gallons of Foam
Auto Extraction

2020 medic MAy 2021.jpg

Medic 60
2020 Braun NW Medic
Dodge Ram 5500


Medic 61
2004 Lifeline Medic


Boat 60
2015 21″ SJX
200 HP Sport Jet


Utility 60
1996 Dodge Pick up


Engine 63
2003 Pierce Saber
1250 Pump with 1000 Gallons of water and 25 Gallons of Foam
Auto Extrication


Engine 64
2003 Pierce Saber
1250 Pump with 1000 gallons of water and 25 gallons of foam
Auto Extrication


Rescue 60
2001 Ford F550 Heavy Duty
Auto Extraction

T60 Arriving_edited.jpg

Tender 60
2021 Spartan
1250 GPM PTO pump with 3000 Gallons of water


Support 61
2001 Chevy Suburban


Brush 63
2017 Dodge RAM 5500 Heavy duty
400 gallons of water with a 250 GPM pump
Light Rescue


Brush 64
2017 Dodge RAM 5500 Heavy Duty
400 gallons of water with 250 GPM pump
Light Rescue


Tender 64
1993 Western State
3000 gallons of water with 250 GPM pump