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Rapid Entry Lock Boxes

Instant fire department access without damaging the door or building

It starts with One Master Key removing barriers to entry when first responders respond to an emergency call.

Rapid Entry System is designed to help fire departments, homeowners and businesses work together to preserve lives and property. It eliminates the need for fire department officials to maintain and carry cumbersome key rings with hundreds of building keys. Imagine trying to find a key you not familiar with in a hurry under pressure.

Jefferson Fire District uses two brand Kidde for residential or Knox box for Commercial. Both brands offer a variety of designs to suit the need for the lock location. These boxes must specially be ordered from either Kidde or Knox box.


As third alterative Jefferson Fire also uses a combination lock box and carries these in stock for you to pick up at the fire station. We’ll be selling these at our cost. We offer two options

One that is a surface mount, the second hangs from the door knob.

Here’s how the Rapid Entry System works:

  1. The building owner purchases Kidde or Knox box of their choice and mount it securely near the entrance. Fire department officials lock the building keys in the Lock Box. If the owner chooses the combination box, the owner will give the combination to the fire district. For any of the three choices the fire district will file a premises notification with our dispatch center entering the lock box info and location into the computer system.

  2. To ensure absolute security special security keys are supplied only to authorized fire department officials and kept in lock boxes.

  3. When a fire alarm sounds at night or on the weekend, the fire department has instant access to the building. Access is fast, easy, and safe without the need for the building owner or tenant to be present.

To Order 
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For push button lock
Call Jefferson Fire District at 541-327-2822

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