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Operational Guidelines 300 Training

JFD Standard Evolutions

JFD Single Lay Supply two and half hose to house bundle

JFD 1 Single Lay Supply Pre-connects

JFD 2 Reverse Lay Supply Attack Eng

JFD 4 Reverse Lay from Gated Wye

JFD 5 Reverse Lay Set-up Draft

JFD 7 Reverse Lay from Master Stream

JFD 6 Single Lay Portable Water Supply

JFD 9 Reverse Lay from Aerial

JFD 8 Single Lay Mounted Master

JFD 12 Single Lay to FDC

JFD 11 Single Lay Supply Aerial

JFD 13 Reverse Lay from FDC

Standard Evolutions

Standard Evolution Principles

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