Weekly Calls

Saturday, August 4

Medical  9:45 am  No transport

Medical  4:47 pm  No transport

Water Rescue  6:30 pm  I-5 to Jefferson  No rescue

Medical  7:15 pm  I-5 SB Rest Area  Patient transported

Medical  8:05pm Mutual aid with Scio unable to respond

Medical  8:48 pm  No transport

Medical  9:21 pm  No transport


Sunday, August 5

Medical  2:52 am  No transport

Medical  10:31 am  No transport

Water Rescue  12:38 pm  Wall Ln/Jeff-Scio  No transport

MVA  12:56 pm  I5 NB 241 Non-injury

Medical  6:55 pm  No transported

Water Rescue  7:11 pm  I5 South bound rest area  No transport


Monday, August 6

Medical  4:45 pm  Alarm cancelled

Medical  11:00 pm  Patient transported


Tuesday, August 7

Vehicle Fire  6:08 pm  I-5 SB MP243  Patient transported

Medical  10:48 pm  Patient transported

Medical  11:10 pm  Turner transported


Wednesday, August 8

Medical  12:05 am  Patient transported

Medical  8:55 am  Patient transported

Vehicle Fire  12:02 pm  I-5 SB MP237  Extinguished

Medical  1:05 pm  Patient transported

Medical  3:01 pm  Patient transported

Public Assist  3:19 pm  Jeff Scio Rd.  Dead battery

Grass Fire  4:41 pm  I-5 SB MP238  Extinguished


Thursday, August 9

Medical  4:14 pm  Patient transported

Structure Fire 7:17 pm  North 4th in Aumsville  Mutual aid

Medical  8:50 pm  Patient transported

Medical  11:55 pm  Patient transported


Friday, August 10

Medical  12:31 am  Patient transported

Structure fire 2:00 am  I5 South Bound Rest Area  Extinguished

Medical  8:22 am  Nothing found at location

Medical  9:51am  Patient transported

Medical with Scio  1:59 am  Cancelled

MVC Century Dr  5:18 pm  Extraction and Patients transported

Medical 5:25 pm  Patient transported by Albany Fire