Outdoor Safety

Camping Safety
Only use candles, matches or open flames of any kind outside and away from the tent.

Avoid cooking inside a tent, it is dangerous.

Build campfires downwind and well away from the tent.

Be sure to fully extinguish campfires before leaving the campsite or before retiring for the night.

Do not operate fuel-powered lanterns and heaters inside the tent. Use battery-operated equipment instead.

Always refuel lamps, heaters or stoves outside and away from the tent.

Extinguish and turn off all fuel lanterns before going to sleep.

Store flammable liquids outside and well away from the tent.

Outdoor Cooking
Use an electric starter, cake fire starter or charcoal starter and match to start charcoal fires. Never use gasoline or add more charcoal starter to an existing fire.

Always light the match before you turn the gas on to ignite a propane gas grill.

Rekindle a slow fire by tucking dry kindling under the coals and adding more charcoal.

Supervise children at all times when fires are burning or grills are in use.

Store and Use Fuels Safely

Store gasoline and other flammable liquids in approved safety cans, away from open flames (like water heater and furnace pilot lights) and out of reach of children.

Refuel your lawn mower only when the engine is off and cool. Use a funnel to prevent spillage.

Never smoke while you are handling fuels.

Fourth of July Safety Use only legal fireworks sold from a licensed retail stand.

Have a hose or bucket of water handy for emergencies and to douse misfired or exhausted fireworks.

Always have an adult present when using fireworks

Read and follow label directions carefully.

Use fireworks only outdoors – away from buildings, vehicles, dry grass and other flammable objects.

Light one at a time and move away quickly.

Keep fireworks, lighters and matches away from small children.

Never point or throw fireworks at people, pets, cars or buildings

Do not alter any fireworks or attempt to make your own.