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Levy Notice

Notice Content PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF BALLOT TITLE RECEIVED NOTICE OF ELECTION Notice is hereby given that on February 28, 2019; a ballot title was filed by Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District with the Marion County Clerk for an election to be held on May 21, 2019. The ballot title […]

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Food Basket

Food Basket applications are available at the Fire Station in Jefferson or on this web page under services. Applications are due by November 30, 2018

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Paramedics needed

The Jefferson Ambulance Service is seeking qualified part time Paramedics. The Jefferson Ambulance Service provides an ALS Ambulance to a 107-square mile area of the Willamette Valley. The ambulance service is part of Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District (JRFPD), and covers the cities of Jefferson, Millersburg and Talbot, as well […]

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MVC Kamph Dr 12/18/2017

MVC Kamph Dr 12/18/2017

Kamph Road Motor Vehicle Crash: At 2:35 Jefferson Fire District responded to a two vehicle crash on Kamph Road just off of Scravel Hill Road.

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MVC I5 NB MP 239

MVC I5 NB MP 239

There is a one vehicle rollover in the median I-5 NB just before exit 239. This is a non-injury. The crews are working on a couple dogs that are in cages but trapped. They appear to be fine just shook up. The fast lane is blocked at this time. ***Update […]

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